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DraftKings Sportsbook places Ravens high in projected wins for 2021 season

Is it too high, or too low?

Divisional Round - Baltimore Ravens v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

DraftKings recently released their NFL Team Futures sportsbook and with it comes the Baltimore Ravens 2021-2022 regular season win totals. The gambling website places high expectation on the Charm City franchise, with the line set at 11 regular season wins.

While the book is high on the Ravens, DraftKings Nation writer Will Kennedy is not a believer in the Ravens.

“The Ravens made their way to the AFC Divisional Round of the playoffs last season where they fell to the Buffalo Bills’ stout defense. The Baltimore offense, which saw such success in 2019 and parts of 2020 will be under a lot of pressure this season. There were times went they became too one-dimensional and even reportedly had opposing defenses calling out specific plays before they were even run.”

Eventually, Kennedy takes the Under on the Ravens.

Now, let’s piece this together and go through the opponent’s list ourselves.

Ravens 2021 opponents

Division Battles

In 2020, the Ravens swept the Bengals and Browns and suffered a sweep from the Steelers; I expect this season to go a bit differently. Baltimore is likely to repeat a sweep against the Bengals, but as far as sweeping the Browns again? Unlikely. The Browns are stockpiled with NFL talent. And though they will have tape on them in year two of head coach Kevin Stefanski’s tenure, it’s only fair to put this as a 1-1 ending. I don’t see the Steelers as frightening. Last season, they looked beatable and the end result of their season makes me feel justified. Right now I want to predict a sweep against Pittsburgh, but an unbiased look will be fair in going 1-1 here, too. That puts the Ravens at 4-2.

Home Games

Until proven otherwise, the Chiefs are a loss. Plain and simple. 4-3.

The Chargers will be formidable but first encounters with the Ravens defense are not kind to opposing quarterbacks. Even those as talented as Justin Herbert. 5-3.

Call it cliché but Aaron Rodgers is a bad man. He threw 48 touchdown passes last season and is well equipped to repeat that mark in 2021. However, the Ravens defense is stout against the pass and the Packers defense struggles against the run. I think the Ravens are rather close in this one and I’m going to say home field advantage gives them the edge here. 6-3.

Kirk Cousins does not make me worry in this matchup. Marcus Peters and Marlon Humphrey will have a field day against this offense. 7-3

The Colts defense was great last season and Baltimore defeated them handily, 24-10. I don’t think Carson Wentz makes them any better. 9-3.

The Rams with Matthew Stafford are a different beast and Aaron Donald is still dangerous. Yes, the last time the Ravens played the Rams it was an absolute beatdown but I’m going to give this one to LA. 9-4.

Away Games

Are the Bears really something to be frightened by? Even on the road? I’m taking the Ravens. 10-4.

The Broncos aren’t going to defeat Baltimore. I’m sorry, I don’t see it. They’re in the midst of debating a rebuild and trying to push on in a nightmare division. They’re not conquering the Ravens. 11-4.

Detroit Lions. 12-4.

Of all the road games, I’m picking the Raiders to defeat the Ravens. Mathematically, it makes sense. They have a solid offense, good defense with some good pieces added and I will look like a belligerent homer if I take the Ravens to go 100% on the road. 12-5


There is a real likelihood in the Ravens winning more than 11 games. There is also a fair possibility in them plummeting down. Just a single stumble in the division puts this list at 11 wins. If they suffer a sweep from Cleveland, it gets real messy. However, I think 11 wins is the right judgment. I’d certainly take the over if it was at 10 and the under if the line is placed at 12. It’s a real coin flip and I agree with the line.