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Ravens trade Orlando Brown Jr. to the Kansas City Chiefs for multiple draft picks

The shoe has finally dropped

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The long-awaited trade has finally occurred as the Baltimore Ravens send Pro Bowl OT Orlando Brown Jr. to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Since January 29, there has been an expectation of Brown Jr.’s movement, with his tweet stating he is a “LEFT tackle.” This left the fanbase with many questions as to what he was implying. Now, he gets his wish. To play left tackle, blocking the blindside of Patrick Mahomes II.


As for the trade, the Ravens don’t come out as “on-top” as many hoped. They sent a Pro Bowl tackle to their arch-rival, and also a second-round pick. However, they did receive the No. 31 overall pick, an extra third- and extra fourth-round pick in this draft. This leaves the Ravens with extra ammunition in this years’ draft to either trade up for “their guy,” or to stay put and have some of the talent fall to them later. They can move any way they want in the 2021 NFL Draft.


The Ravens are now without a starting right tackle. They will absolutely require one and it’s most likely going to happen here in the first round of the draft. The Ravens’ offense is predicated on a strong run game and they’ll need a right tackle to help bully the right side. Fortunately, a rookie will have Kevin Zietler beside him to help out, as the Ravens acquired him in free agency this offseason.


This trade feels like the Ravens lost, but that’s only due to the overwhelming hype surrounding the trade. Many were hoping to land both Mike Williams and the Los Angeles Chargers No. 13 pick. They were hoping for big names and a higher pick. So when they are left with the No. 31 overall pick it feels like a loss.

In all, the Ravens won, regardless of what happens next. They drafted Brown Jr. with a third-round pick. Developed him into a Pro Bowl tackle and with him desiring a new spot, managed to land a first-round pick and more. Now, it’s time to figure out who they draft withthe picks acquired.