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Beatdown Big Board: EDGE

A new series for the podcast debuts!

Central Michigan v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

What is up everyone? We hope you guys are excited for something new and something fun on today’s show, the debut of our new draft related series “Beatdown Big Board.” Each and every week, Jake and Spencer are hopping in the studio to bring you all the 2021 NFL Draft deep dive that you want and deserve. Approaching it from the perspective on two guys that take a crash course on the position and then review the players through the lens of an archetype they decide on, the guys take a look at who they like, who they may rather pass on, and group together good fits for the Ravens. At the end of each show, they’ll narrow down their favorites to four guys that they like as the “perfect” prospect for the Ravens at that position, and shoot out a poll that allows you (the listener) to vote on. The top two at each position will eventually be seeded into a tournament just ahead of the draft to decide on the Ravens final “perfect” prospect to take. We’re expecting this to be an extremely fun and interactive process for you guys to join us on, and think that today’s deep dive on the EDGE position will be a good first primer on it all. Without further ado, please enjoy, and we’ll talk to you again very soon!




P.S. After checking out the podcast, don’t forget to go and vote for your preferred EDGE option of the four we picked @PodcastBeatdown on Twitter: