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Podcast: Aaron Schatz

The creator of Football Outsiders joins the show

What’s up guys? Happy Tuesday, and happy podcast! The boys are back in studio with some news discussion and an awesome interview for you all. Today’s news slate includes some talk on the big game, a few words from the guys on the passing of great Chris Wesseling, the Ravens making a couple of substantial additions to their coaching staff, some more info right from the horse’s mouth in the Orlando Brown Jr. situation, and the Ravens bringing back rotational cornerback Davontae Harris. After all that, the guys have a great interview (30:03) for you guys today featuring Aaron Schatz (@FO_ASchatz). Aaron is the founder of Football Outsiders, the creator of the DVOA metric, and essentially the Godfather of analytics within football media. He sits down with us for about half an hour to discuss his start, the meaning of advanced stats in football, how to use them properly, his takes on the Ravens, and much more. We hope you guys enjoy, and we’ll talk to you again later in the week!




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