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Orlando Brown Jr. expected to be traded after newest tweet

Zeus Jr. wants to live out his late father’s dream for him

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I am live now on Twitch to talk about the news below:

Last week, Ravens LT Orlando Brown Jr. took to Twitter stating he is a LEFT tackle.

Now, Brown Jr. has once again posted on Twitter about his desire to play left tackle and live out the dream his father had for him.

Brown began the tweet with, “It’s never been about the money.” This means, as anticipated, that he wasn’t upset about not being paid left tackle money as a right tackle, but that he truly wants to play the specific left tackle position.

Couple this with the Baltimore Sun article Brown Jr. linked to and it’s clear the young star is wanting to find a team who wants him on their squad to block the blindside and is willing to offer up enough value to Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta.

It’s not going to be the easy now that the info is out on Brown Jr. refusing to play right tackle. Teams will know the Ravens can’t keep him but that doesn’t mean DeCosta won’t get the value of a developed tackle product.