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Ed Reed ‘has spoken to Harbaugh’ about coaching, but will not take position coaching job

Ed Reed has no interest in coaching only a position group

Buffalo Bills v Cleveland Browns Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

For the second time, Baltimore Beatdown was able to sit down with Ravens legend, Ed Reed. Thanks in part to Crown Royal, Baltimore Beatdown was given 15 minutes to ask Reed about the upcoming Big Game and otherwise.

With this opportunity, I asked Reed if he’s been in contact with the Ravens for coaching opportunities.

Kyle Barber: “You tweeted a little bit about wanting to coach in the NFL. Have you had any conversations about joining the Ravens staff or coaching with them in any capacity?”

Ed Reed: “I’ve talked to Coach Harbaugh briefly at times, about things. I’m not a position coach, man. I can coach position but no. It’s not a position that I want because for one, I’m working with guys that are probably younger than me. [They] haven’t played the game and just won’t even hear my voice [if I’m] put as a position coach. My voice won’t even be heard. So that’s why I tweeted about being a [defensive coordinator] or head coach. I know what I’m capable of, I know what I aspire for. You gotta know your worth. Like I said, I’ve been in the league around a lot of coaches and looking at some of these coaches get jobs who I’ve worked with. I mean, did you see the interview from the head coach in Philly? You know what I mean?”

I want to piece together what Reed said; first being that he’s spoken with Ravens head coach John Harbaugh and it’s likely the Ravens approached Reed about position coaching. Clearly, Reed has no interest in coaching defensive backs or the like.

Second, it’s rather peculiar that Reed doesn’t believe the coaches around him, the, “guys that are probably younger than me,” wouldn’t hear his voice or input. Reed’s input would carry quite the weight, I’d presume. He’s a hall of fame safety and arguably the best to ever play the position. If he were to join the Ravens, I believe it’s fair to assume Don Martindale would take Reed’s input.

If Reed means, “guys that are probably younger than me,” as in the players he’d be coaching, there’s no chance younger players would not heed his advice and coaching. I assume that’s a dream of many to be coached by the best to ever do it.

Overall, Reed’s confident in his ability to coach a team, or at minimum, a defense. Now, it’s up to the NFL to interview and hire him.