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Podcast: Sarah Ellison

Jake and Spencer with yet another big interview!

What’s up guys? We hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for a great show on this Tuesday of the week of The Big Game(TM).

On today’s podcast, Jake and Spencer get into all the goings on of what was a relatively busy should-have-been-the-Pro-Bowl weekend, a spot on the calendar that’s usually pretty bare. First up is the Ravens related piece of news that came down on Saturday when Orlando Brown Jr. tweeted out that he’s a LEFT tackle, and potentially confirmed his desire to play the position on an Instagram live appearance with Matt Judon - the guys break down that whole situation, and what it might mean in regards to his future with the Ravens. They also break down the blockbuster trade involving Jared Goff and Matthew Stafford as the Rams go all in on the former Lions star quarterback as the key to finally getting over the hump and winning the Super Bowl.

Finally, joining the show for the first time ever is former Ravens employee (and current excellent Twitter personality) Sarah Ellison (@sgellison). Sarah worked for the Ravens for over a decade in their PR and media arms and has plenty of great stories from her time doing so. She also has plenty of takes on the team since the time she left which has coincided with the Lamar Jackson era, including what she thinks Eric DeCosta’s approach to this offseason should be. For all that (and plenty more in a well over an hour chat) be sure to check that out. We hope you guys have a great week, and we’ll talk to you again very soon.


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