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Ravens vs. Steelers final: 6 Winners and 5 Losers

This close..

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

A gutsy decision to go for two falls short and the Baltimore Ravens lose a close game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, 20-19.


Devonta Freeman — Scored the first touchdown of the game after a 99-yard drive. He finished with 14 carries for 52 yards and a touchdown. Was impressive all throughout this game. He also added another 45 yards receiving on five receptions. An outstanding effort by Freeman.

Marquise “Hollywood” Brown — A great second-half showing by the wide receiver, who caught five targets for 55 yards, with a big one on the final drive.

Sammy Watkins — Scored the last-second touchdown to put the Ravens within one. Great plays on the final drive by Watkins.

Devin Duvernay — Dynamic plays have kept him relevant and it feels like that’s not what he’s only good for. He’s in need of an increased role.

John Harbaugh — Hit on his challenge and made the right decision, going for two. The team was two yards from winning it and the execution was lacking.

Greg Roman — Called a good game. Had his offense drive 99-yards early in the game. Had a good game-winning drive called. Called a play that was going to get his two best players the football, and it was a few inches away. This was a good game by Roman where execution killed it.


Lamar Jackson — Bad game. Threw a redzone interception. Held the ball too long. Was sacked seven times and not just from quick pressure, but from not getting rid of it. On the two-point conversion, he overthrew tight end Mark Andrews.

Anthony Averett — Missed more than three tackles and allowed some big catches in coverage.

Pass Rush — The defense was going against a weaker offensive line, and they delivered only one sack.

Offensive line — The blocking isn’t there. It hasn’t been there, and the pressure is killing drives.

Pre-snap penalties — EIGHT pre-snap penalties? Utterly brutal execution.