Harbaughs 2 Point tries Costing Ravens their Season.

Once again Harbaugh continues to go for 2 Points yesterday. His thinking is well I thought it was our best chance, REALLY!

Two weeks now the Ravens could have gone to OT and maybe gave their Defense a Chance to win the Game. Instead he puts it all in one play and they lose.

The last one yesterday was a terrible Play call as they pointed out on TV. Putting Andrews wide was a Mistake. What happened to bring in two TE's fake up the Middle and Let the QB go around and score or at least have an Option.

The Ravens are all But DONE! They will lose to a Good Bengal team and for the most part the Ravens season is over.

Throughout the season if Harbaugh would have just taken the points that were there they could have 2 more wins, doesn't matter they will NOT make the Playoffs because of always trying for 2 points and NOT getting it!

They probably will lose to the Rams and still seem NOT to be able to beat the Steelers.

LAMAR seems Not to be able to score points any longer. Just look at his last 5 Games But Huntley is and moving the offense, Hmmm what does that say?

In any case the Ravens are done and Not converting on the 2 Point conversions is a Big Reason Why!!!

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