OK so lets go...I like Lamar but he is NOT WORTH 50 million a year and is Too INACCURATE.

Aaron Rogers may be available and that is someone that would be Worth the Money to go after. Doesn't matter, look at Free agency for a QB and Build a GREAT DEFENSE like we did for many years.

DEFENSE- Build down the Middle and out. You have a Solid Nucleus with guys Like Humphrey, Queen, Harrison, Oweh, Peters, and so on...BUILD ON THAT and make them GREAT then the Offense can be a Power running offense with a Descent QB like a guy like Mariota or TAKE A SHOT AT ROGERS IF HE IS IN FACT AVAILABLE!!!

OFFENSE- you have solid Running Backs, a Great TE and some good young receivers. Continue to build the O Line as you do have some good Players already there.

THE MONEY YOU SAVE BY NOT SIGNING LAMAR ALLOWS YOU TO BUILD A GREAT TEAM WITH THE MONEY YOU WOULD SAVE. Lamar simply is NOT worth 50 MILLION a Year!!! He has been in the league what 4 years and is still very Inaccurate. THAT WILL NOT CHANGE, FACT!!!

There will be several Solid Free Agent QB's available this year. No ONE PLAYER is WORTH PAYING that kind of Money unless they are TRULY GREAT or Proven like an Aaron Rogers!!!

I know many will NOT like this or agree But many others also see the Facts I have Pointed out and also Agree with that!!!

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