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Roundtable: Happy Thanksgiving

Cheers :)

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

There are many things to be thankful for, considering the Ravens’ season. First, I think a lot of the credit should be directed toward Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh. Through everything this season, he’s captained a ship in storm after storm.

Of course, Lamar Jackson’s production cannot be forgotten. The sheer domination he’s produced this season has helped lead this team to a winning record through 12 weeks. Speaking of winning, I’m grateful they are doing so. The fashion in which they have won could be more helpful for my heart and mind (and deadlines), but overall, they’ve won and it’s fun.

Personally, I’m thankful for all of you reading this. I truly am. It’s been a blessing, writing for this site for so many years. I recently broke 2,000 articles on Baltimore Beatdown. Thank you to those who enjoy. — Kyle Phoenix Barber

When it comes to the Ravens, I am thankful for yearly consistency. For Steve Bisciotti having patience with John Harbaugh from 2015-2017 when Baltimore failed to make the playoffs and many fans were calling for his head. For the fight the team always has, no matter the adversity. For the great Ozzie Newsome drafting the most exciting player in all of football in his final draft. For players such as Lamar Jackson being such a good example for young children to look up to. For the countless acts of community service done by the organization and individual players. In my personal life, I am thankful to now be engaged to my best friend, Shelby, with plans of marrying in a year and having a house together. I’m thankful to be able to share my voice with Ravens fans everywhere through Baltimore Beatdown and to interact with such an awesome fanbase on Twitter. I am thankful for my coworkers here at the site and for everything I have learned from them. — Dustin Cox

The most obvious and No.1 thing that the Ravens and their fans should be and are thankful for this year is Lamar Jackson and the herculean efforts pretty much every week to keep the team in contention and atop their division standings. While this may not be a popular opinion or sentiment among the fanbase, I am truly thankful for the Ravens coaching staff led by John Harbaugh for being unwavering and steadfast in their beliefs at times and flexible to adjust accordingly at other times. They take accountability for the team’s shortcomings even when the fault is not their own and give all the praise and credit to the players when they come out on top of close and lopsided victories. I’m also thankful for GM Eric DeCosta for using all the lessons he learned from his predecessor in Ozzie Newsome while forging is own path at the same time by making aggressive yet cost effective trades and making nontraditional moves in the draft. He selected a first round WR in two of his first three years at the helm with the first drafted player from LSU in franchise history wedged in between. On a personal note, I’m thankfully for by loving, supporting and beautiful wife and the blessing of fatherhood that she and the good Lord bestowed upon me in form of our two babies that I love with all my heart. — Joshua Reed