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Ravens vs. Dolphins final: 3 Winners and a whole lot of losers

Burn the tape

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens (6-3) get their butts handed to them by the Miami Dolphins (3-7). It was a putrid affair by the Ravens who, at best, struggled in all three phases. At worst, they were completely outclassed. The final score: 10-22.


  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Any team vying for a playoff spot in the AFC


*= This title does not mean these players are losers. They played a poor game. A very bad game, in fact. It happens to the best players. Just... not typically in this fashion.

Lamar Jackson — Sacked four times. Bullied and pressured even more. Never got going. The MVP chatter will certainly be silenced after tonight. The final pass attempt being Jackson’s first regular season red zone interception capped this one off terribly.

Sammy Watkins — Pulls up on a pass that looked catchable in the end zone and later had the fumble that led to a 49-yard scoop-and-score touchdown. Huge mistakes.

Le’Veon Bell — So much for him getting going. Three carries for 1 yard.

Justin Tucker — An unfortunate miss from 48-yards. Not like that was a back-breaker or anything, but I’m sure that would’ve helped morale just a bit to not be down 3-6 at halftime.

Secondary — Yes, Marlon Humphrey and Anthony Averett had good plays at times. But playing good for as many snaps as they did does not outweigh the complete and total breakdowns in coverage, be it from them or others. The secondary just allowed two Dolphins quarterbacks to notch 50-yard completions. This was atrocious.

Offensive line — Even before the all-out blitzing, they couldn’t protect their quarterback.

Greg Roman — Couldn’t, or didn’t appear to adjust to the steady stream of all-out blitz calls by the Dolphins. The Dolphins were the worst third-down defense in the NFL and the Ravens managed to go only 2-for-14 on third down.

Everybody — Can I say that? As a whole, this was downright ugly. This was a team loss. Nothing came easy. Nothing looked good. This was a butt-kicking from top-to-bottom.