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Head Coach John Harbaugh responds to Broncos’ Vic Fangio comments on final playcall

On to Indy

Baltimore Ravens v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

On Monday following the Week 4 matchup between the Baltimore Ravens (3-1) and Denver Broncos (3-1), Broncos Head Coach Vic Fangio sparked the ears of the national audience by calling the Ravens final playcall to keep their streak of 100-yard rushing games up to 43 “kind of bullshit,” and that he “kind of expected that from them.”

Shortly after Fangio’s comments, Harbaugh spoke to media and was asked about the comments.

“I promise you, I’m not going to give that insult one second thought,” Harbaugh said. “What’s meaningful to us might not be meaningful to them. Their concerns are definitely not our concerns.”

Though Harbaugh didn’t exactly take the bait, he appeared to make a small comment on a different question, pertaining to running back Latavius Murray.

“[The Broncos] did stack the line a lot,” Harbaugh said. “They were very determined to stop the run. Obviously, that was a very important goal for them. To keep us under 100-yards, apparently. So, we threw it.”

It’s rather interesting Fangio talks of player safety, especially after a game in which neither team were being flagged for possible late hits or illegal contact on one another’s quarterbacks. This was something Harbaugh also spoke on.

“There was a couple of [hits] in there that we’ll ask about.” Harbaugh said.

Here is one of the hits worth questioning.