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Ed Reed sits down with Baltimore Beatdown

The goat gave insight into tackling, Miami football and drinking responsibly.

New England Patriots v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

The Baltimore Beatdown Podcast had an opportunity to sit down with Ravens legend and Pro Football Hall of Fame safety Ed Reed this week.

Ed is on tour with Crown Royal promoting their initiatives, which are nothing short of admirable.

  • Dedicated to the people and places that help make game day big, Crown Royal, in partnership with Ed Reed is showcasing the brand’s commitment to bringing generosity to the forefront of America’s most popular sport.
  • As the first-ever whisky sponsor of the National Football League (NFL), Crown Royal is turning every game day into a giving day through its ‘Kick Off with Crown Royal’ program.
  • The Kick off with Crown Royal program is the latest installment of the brand’s year-long commitment to donate $1 million dollars via the Crown Royal Generosity Fund, a donor advised fund, to national and local charities.

Ed gave insight into Miami Football, how to tackle in the NFL and the best advice he has for young adults/athletes. Thanks again to Crown Royal, remember to drink responsibly and take water breaks!