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Comparing all the wide receivers Bart Scott said Marquise Brown wouldn’t start over

Are you blind, Bart?

Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Yesterday, former Ravens linebacker turned media member Bart Scott said Marquise “Hollywood” Brown wouldn’t start for any other top NFL receiving unit.

Hollywood made a joke back, acknowledging his comment and brushing off the commentary.

Today, Scott fired a second shot.

“[Marquise Brown] would not start over anybody in that conference,” Scott said. “That’s just the facts. You wouldn’t start over Ja’Marr Chase. You wouldn’t start over Tee Higgins, Tyler Boyd. You wouldn’t start over Pittsburgh [Steelers] wide receivers. You damn straight ain’t starting over [Odell] Beckham [Jr.] and [Jarvis] Landry. So, like, where’s the line. Like, I can continue to go.”

Alright, Bart, let’s do some homework. I’m going to pull up the stats of every single receiver you mentioned during your two-minute and 20-second diatribe against Brown and we’ll see where the chips fall.

Wide Receiver Comparison

Player Catches Receiving Yards Touchdowns 20+ Yard Plays
Player Catches Receiving Yards Touchdowns 20+ Yard Plays
Cooper Kupp 37 523 5 8
Tyreek Hill 37 516 4 7
Mike Williams 31 471 6 7
Ja'Marr Chase 23 456 5 7
Marquise Brown 28 451 5 9
Mike Evans 29 393 4 8
Stefon Diggs 28 374 1 4
Keenan Allen 34 369 1 5
Chris Godwin 29 366 2 5
CeeDee Lamb 24 348 2 6
Chase Claypool 20 341 1 5
Antonio Brown 20 325 3 6
Robert Woods 27 322 2 5
Emmanuel Sanders 19 322 4 6
Amari Cooper 25 318 4 6
DeAndre Hopkins 23 312 4 4
Diontae Johnson 25 305 3 4
Sammy Watkins 18 292 0 5
Tyler Boyd 27 283 1 3
A.J. Green 16 261 2 5
Cole Beasley 26 215 0 2
Mecole Hardman 22 199 1 1
Tee Higgins 15 150 2 1
JuJu Smith-Schuster 15 129 0 1
Cedrick Wilson Jr. 10 126 2 2
Demarcus Robinson 7 80 1 1


  • Hollywoood Brown, among the names listed by Scott, places fifth in receiving yards, behind only Cooper Kupp, Tyreek Hill, Mike Williams and Ja’Marr Chase.
  • He is 102 yards from Kupp, the leader among the receivers named by Scott. He is 58 yards ahead of the No. 6 place receiver, Mike Evans.
  • In terms of touchdowns, Hollywood is tied for second with Kupp and Chase, who are all behind only Williams.
  • Among the players listed, Hollywood has the most 20+ yard plays, with nine. Behind him are Kupp and Evans at eight, and the list gradually declines.

Stats & Facts

  • Hollywood is currently the No. 8 receiver in the NFL in terms of receiving yards. Not just the rudimentary list created by Scott, but in all of football.
  • Hollywood’s averaging nearly over 90 yards per game. For the 2021 season, Hollywood is on pace for 95 receptions for 1,533 yards and 17 touchdowns. He’s been a serious part of the Ravens offense this sesaon, and was the catalyst in the comeback against the Indianapolis Colts and also the player to close it out with the walk-off touchdown.


The ending of Scott’s commentary was reinforcing racist workplace bias, and it’s a pretty wild that it’s being so overlooked.

“Bartholomew will get an interview anywhere. Marqwueez, Marquise... mmm... you might not get called back sometimes,” Scott said.

This isn’t something, I assume, that Bart Scott should be happy about, or proud of. It’s not a good thing that your name being Bart or Bartholomew gets better opportunities than the name Marquise. Do better.