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Watch it Wednesday: Week 5 Ravens vs. Colts

Step into the film room and watch some of the key plays from the Ravens’ thrilling overtime win.

Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Howdy! Watch it Wednesday was back live last night. I broke down some of the key elements to the Ravens’ overtime win over the Colts, the final few drives, overtime and went into detail examine other key elements:

Patrick Queen’s struggles and successes. Where is he with his coverage ability? What does he need to improve in order to make a more consistent positive impact?

• Lamar Jackson’s pocket management and quick decision making. Jackson shredded the Colts underneath and stayed calm in the pocket.

• Tavon Young made an impact underneath as a blitzer, against screens, in coverage and in the run game.

• The Colts screen game and the Ravens problems in pursuit. . . What went wrong and how can Baltimore tighten it up?

• The run game. . . What is preventing Baltimore from finding success on the ground? How did the Colts bottle up some of Baltimore’s run concepts?

All of that and more are in the video below. Enjoy!