Ok,i know all of you feel the same as me...we would MUCH PREFER that lamar and the ravens blew out everyone they faced by two tds...

Drama be damned, i want us to win, win big, and win easy..

Thats just not whats been happening, and maybe thats not a bad thing!

Remember during lamars MVP season we just steamrolled everyone...wins came easily, good team, bad team, didnt seem to matter, we coasted after we got those initial 2 losses out of the way.

Then we entered the playoffs and a gritty, scrappy titans team punched us in the mouth, and it seemed like noone on the team knew how to respond.

Ffwd, and this season this team is in a scrap almost every game..Needed a record setting FG to beat the lions..needed a comeback to beat the chiefs, and tonight lamar literally had to set nfl records to win (only Qb to throw for 400 yds while completing 85% of his passes)

I cant help but think THIS is what is needed for a deep playoff run..

Remember 2012..we werent blowing everyone out,and we lost a few head scratchers.

That year we ALSO had a bunch of key injuries to big name players..but in the end we put it all together, scrapped to upset denver, then went into foxboro and smacked the pats.

When we made it to the sb we went from being up big at half, to finding ourselves in a dogfight (after a freak blackout that delayed the sb) and it didnt matter, because ray lewis, joe flacco and the boys were battle tested and ready, and they made the needed plays to bring home the hardware.

Lamar and the crew having to scrap for wins is preparing them for what its gonna take come playoff time, and call me purple biased, but i beleive this year THEYLL BE READY


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