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Ravens vs. Colts: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

A 19-point comeback on Monday Night seems... GOOD

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens continue to rise to the occasion in somehow more thrilling fashion each week, as they defeated the Colts 31-25 in overtime. It looked like a Monday Night dud when Indy took a 22-3 lead late in the 3rd quarter. But the trio of Lamar Jackson, Mark Andrews, and Hollywood Brown ignited a 19-point comeback as the Ravens improve to 4-1 in this wild and crazy 2021 season.

The Good:

The Jackson 5-04

We are running out of words to really describe what Lamar Jackson is doing on the football field right now for the Ravens. Instead of using more adjectives to describe Jackson's performance, how about two numbers instead, 523 and 504. The Ravens as a team produced 523 yards of offense, and Lamar Jackson accounted for 504 of those yards. The former MVP's 2nd half on Monday Night was one of the best performances of his career. It was also, statistically, the best 400-yard passing game of all-time.

MANdrews comes alive in Primetime

It has been a slower start to the season than usual for Mark Andrews. He was not utilized much in the first two weeks, but he has heated up the past two games. On Monday night, Mark broke through with the biggest “MANdrews” smash game of his young career. Andrews was absolutely money all night and put together a 11-147-2 stat-line, while also hauling in two huge two-point conversions in the 4th quarter. This Ravens passing attack is sensational right now, and Mark Andrews showcased why he the still main man for Jackson.

Calais Campbell is a giant human being

The biggest man in Baltimore made the game-altering play to give the Ravens the shot they needed to complete the comeback. With just over five minutes left, the Colts had lined up for a 37-yard field goal which would have extended their lead to 11 points. Calais Campbell made an insane inside rush move, and used his anaconda-length arms to come up with the block. It ultimately let the Ravens tie the game, take it to overtime, and then finish job for the win. An assist to defensive tackle Broderick Washington for coming up with the play-call on the block.

The Odafe Star continues to shine bright

Rookie Odafe Oweh continues to show he is destined for stardom. The Colts were driving deep into Ravens territory on their second drive and had the looks of taking a two score lead, that is when the young bull had other plans. With a next level get off, Oweh came screaming off the edge to sack Carson Wentz and force a fumble. At that particular moment of the game it was a momentum shifting play. This kid is going to be pretty, pretty good.

The Bad:

Another offensive line injury

The running back room of course got cleaned out with injuries during the preseason. Now, the position group that continues to get depleted during the season is the offensive line. Rookie Ben Cleveland was carted off during the second quarter. The unit is already without Ronnie Stanley, Tyre Phillips, and playing with a hobbled Ajelandro Villanueva. The offensive was fine when Ben Powers came in for the injured Celeveland. But the depth at this point, is a legitimate concern.

Tavon Young loses his cool

With just 18 seconds left in the 4th quarter, the Colts were stuffed for a two-yard gain at their own 40-yard line, which would have brought up a long 3rd down and most likely a running clock to overtime. However, Tavon Young who played an awesome game, was called for an unnecessary roughness penalty as he retaliated at Jack Doyle. Although it did look like a cheap-shot from Doyle, Young's huge mental mistake almost cost the Ravens the game. The Colts got in field goal range off the penatly, but of course missed the attempt.

The Ugly:

Defense gashed on opening drive screen-pass

Well, you couldn’t have had a worse start to the game for the defense. On a 3rd and 15 it was just simple swing screen pass to Jonathon Taylor, a type of play that just looked like a check-down to give their punter a little more room on fourth down. However, the Ravens defense didn't necessarily land a finger on Taylor who made one cut and was gone for a 76-yard touchdown. Credit to Taylor as he is a spectacular runner in the open field. But the defense's tackling issues continue, to not even come close to the ball carrier was a real tough scene.

Lamar's fumble at the goal-line

Football is always a game of inches and split decisions to second guess. Lamar's decision to keep the ball on the read-option play at the 1-yard line, rather then handing it off to Latavius Murray was a big blunder. Murray looked to have a walk-in touchdown, but Jackson kept the ball, was wrapped by Julian Blackmon who was waiting for him on the crash and fumbled the ball, which at the time was a scoop-and-score for the Colts. The return was overturned but still lead to another touchdown for Indy. The decision to keep the ball by Lamar was a mistake in the moment, but luckily for the Ravens it ultimately did not cost them the game.

Anthony Averrett's tough night at the office

The fourth year cornerback was arguably the best Ravens defender through the first four weeks, but Anthony Averrett's Monday Night performance was as brutal as they come. Averett was noticeably beaten multiple times and gave up some of the biggest plays of the game. Right before the half, the Colts converted a 4th-and-11 pass right in front of Averrett. Then on the opening drive of the 3rd quarter, ‘double A’ got absolutely ‘Mossed’ by Michael Pittman Jr. for a touchdown while being called for a P.I. on the play. Tough games happen, and this was Averrett's first one of the year. He is still a very talented cornerback, but Averrett will need to rebound big-time from this game. He and the defense face an even tougher passing attack with the red-hot LA Chargers coming to town.