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Ravens News 1/22: Multiplicity and more

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns

Kurt Warner: Ravens OC Greg Roman’s System Still Best Fit For Lamar Jackson - Luke Jackson

“I can’t believe that there’s another system that overall is going to be better for him at this point in his career,” Warner said on Glenn Clark Radio Jan. 19. “You’d love to see if he is able to do more in the passing game. You’d love to see the evolution of this offense to allow him to do more or have some pieces that you can put out there and play a little different way when need be if he’s at that stage. But it’s just hard for me to say because we haven’t really seen him in that type of system, obviously, at this level.”

“The bottom line is, most teams when you get to the playoffs, you’re going to have to win a game away from your strength,” said Warner, the MVP of Super Bowl XXXIV. “That’s going to be the question. Can they win a game away from their strength? It’s hard because you’re building an offense around Lamar Jackson. That takes specific types of wide receivers.”

“Would this offense be better,” Warner asked, “if [the Ravens] could pound you with their two and three tight ends and their fullback and do what they do, and then have a four-wide-receiver set that they can go to or a five-wide-receiver set and spread you out and attack you in the passing game that way? I mean, of course.

“I think the more multiple any team can be, the more effective and the harder it is for a defense to stop them. But again, it’s about building those components. One of, I think, the stickiest types of things when you run this type of offense is going to be to solicit big-time receivers from other places to come play a brand of football that is so different than what the league is all about.”

John Harbaugh Talks About Lamar Jackson’s Continued Growth - Clifton Brown

Jackson’s field vision is excellent, he rarely fails to see receivers once they break open, and he can make every throw a quarterback needs to make. But he needs to make those throws more consistently, because the more Jackson puts throws on the money, the more Baltimore’s offense will make defenses pay.

The Ravens haven’t shown the consistent ability to counter effectively when defenses overload the box and limit Jackson’s opportunities to run. Baltimore is averaging just 13.5 points in Jackson’s four playoff games, and that lack of postseason production needs to change for the Ravens to reach a Super Bowl.

However, the Ravens are in a position most franchises envy. They have a charismatic quarterback who is a great leader, along with being a great player. He’s 24 years old. Jackson is far more concerned with team success than individual awards or fame, and the pursuit of winning a Super Bowl will continue to fuel him.

Report: Ravens assistant Joe Cullen to be new Jacksonville defensive coordinator - Andrew Gillis

Ravens defensive line coach Joe Cullen will head to Jacksonville to be the defensive coordinator as part of Urban Meyer’s new staff, according to multiple reports. The move was first reported by Jeff Zrebiec of The Athletic.

Cullen has been the team’s defensive line coach for five seasons and will be the third coach on the Ravens’ staff to take a promotion this offseason. They lost linebackers coach Mike Macdonald to Michigan and, reportedly, defensive backs coach Jesse Minter to Vanderbilt where they will both be defensive coordinators.

As Zrebiec pointed out, there’s also the possibility that Cullen takes a Ravens assistant with him to Jacksonville. Pass defense coordinator Chris Hewitt reportedly interviewed for the Jaguars’ defensive coordinator position as well.

They could look to Sterling Lucas, a defensive assistant who has been with the organization since 2016 and has worked with the defensive line before. Drew Wilkins, an outside linebackers coach who has been with the team for 11 seasons, could also be an in-house promotion.

Free agents to watch in 2021 NFC championship: What the future holds for Aaron Jones, Antonio Brown and more - Jordan Dajani

WR Chris Godwin

You have to imagine the Buccaneers will re-sign Godwin to a long-term extension sooner rather than later. The third-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft has caught 244 passes for 3,540 yards and 24 touchdowns in 58 career games played with the Bucs, and he has been Brady’s favorite receiver this postseason. In two games, he has caught nine of 19 targets for 113 yards and a touchdown.

C Corey Linsley

Linsley, who was drafted by the Packers in the fifth round of the 2014 NFL Draft, has become an elite interior offensive lineman, and was named a first-team All-Pro this past season. It’s safe to say he’s set to receive a bump in pay, and could fetch some intriguing offers on the open market.

2021 NFL MOCK DRAFT 1.1 - Benjamin Solak

32. Ravens

Azeez Ojulari

EDGE, Georgia

Baltimore receives: 32nd overall pick (2021); 95th overall pick (2021)

Kansas City receives: 27th overall pick (2021); 166th overall pick (2021)

I had Georgia EDGE Azeez Ojulari at this spot, and I still think it’d be a great idea. He’s worthy of a first-round pick, the Ravens have multiple starting EDGEs entering free agency, and he fits their mold as an outside track rusher.

And then I switched Ojulari out for Chris Olave, the Ohio State WR with premier route-running ability, trustworthy hands, and good long speed. He was a great fit for high-volume targets in Baltimore’s anemic passing attack.

And then he went back to school!

So now we’re back on Ojulari. He’s a tremendous consolation prize with first-round talent and a Year 1 impact profile. The Ravens will just have to address the WR issue later in the draft.

59. Ravens

Creed Humphrey

IOL, Oklahoma


Seth Williams

WR, Auburn