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BillsMafia raises over $150k for Lamar Jackson’s favorite charity after suffering concussion

Wild Card Round - Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

Though the Divisional round ended with a Ravens defeat, Bills Mafia has taken it upon themselves to show their support for Ravens QB Lamar Jackson after suffering a concussion. Reddit user u/Heisenbergwhite917 posted a screenshot to r/buffalobills with the title, “Here’s Lamar Jackson’s favorite charity.”

Shortly thereafter, Bills fans began donating in increments of $17 (Josh Allen’s number) in support.

According to NFL Network, since the games’ end 5,500 donors helped raise over $150k to the charity.

This isn’t the first time Bills Mafia has taken their kindness to Baltimore. Jerry Coleman, a host of Baltimore radio’s 105.7, a couple years ago had taunted Bills Mafia. He called them a “city of losers.”

Rather than come after Coleman, BillsMafia found old tweets of Coleman sharing that his mother was suffering from Alzheimer’s. Co-founder of Bills Mafia, Del Reid, urged his followers to donate to an Alzheimer’s charity foundation. By the end, Coleman received a full box of mail filled with receipts from BillsMafia totaling $7,000 in donations. There’s even audio of Coleman sharing this.