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Ravens vs. Bills final: 2 Winners and 7 Losers

What happened?

Divisional Round - Baltimore Ravens v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

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The Baltimore Ravens exit Orchard Park, New York, defeated. An expected close contest ends with a Bills’ victory. The final score: 3-17.


Defense: They allowed only 10 points. They did all they could to slow the Bills’ offense, namely Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs. Limiting them should be enough if your offense can take care of business on the other end.

Tyler Huntley — Though his performance was middling, the man still will forever be able to say he played in the NFL Divisional round. Good for the former practice squad quarterback.


Coaching — What happened? Two early timeouts torched. Bills players somehow carving up the Ravens’ line. Lack of short routes used in the first half when Jackson couldn’t throw in some ridiculously windy conditions.

J.K. Dobbins — Multiple drops. He must work on his hands this offseason.

Lamar Jackson — No worse time to throw his first-ever redzone interception than tonight. He wasn’t given a whole lot of help tonight as the Bills’ defense were walking through turnstiles and the snaps were abysmal. Overall, Jackson didn’t play well, took some poor sacks.

Note: It feels wrong, complaining about a player who left the game with a brain injury. I didn’t want to write much there but I don’t want to appear biased for Jackson by leaving him off this article.

Justin Tucker — Two painful misses, hitting each upright and leaving six points off the board. Very uncharacteristic game by the Ravens’ star on special teams.

Sam Koch — A shanked punt early in the game only added to the struggles of this team. Wasn’t the backbreaker but it certainly piled on the struggles.

Patrick Mekari — The snaps were abysmal and led to Jackson suffering a concussion. Horrible game for Mekari.

Offensive line: The Bills feasted and something needs to change as they’ve entered the playoffs the past couple seasons flat-footed.