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Lamar Jackson ruled OUT with a concussion

Yet another terrible snap put Jackson in a bad spot

Divisional Round - Baltimore Ravens v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

It’s been confirmed. The Ravens’ star quarterback Lamar Jackson suffered a concussion and is done for the game against the Buffalo Bills.

After yet another tragically bad snap sent Lamar Jackson sprinting backwards, the quarterback suffered an injury to end the third quarter. After heaving the ball to take an intentional grounding injury rather than the safety, he was hit by two players and lied on the turf awaiting trainers.

After the trainers arrived, he jogged straight to the locker room for further evaluation.

With Jackson headed to the locker room, rookie QB Tyler Huntley has replaced him. This is due to both of the Ravens’ original backup quarterbacks being placed on injured reserve. Originally, Robert Griffin III was the Ravens’ backup, but he suffered a hamstring injury against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Then, Trace McSorley suffered a knee injury against the Cleveland Browns in their primetime affair earlier this season.

According to the Ravens senior vice president of communications, Jackson is being evaluated for a concussion. He was tripped up before being hit and maybe his head hit the turf.