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Stomp the Logo!

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Week 11 of the 2020 NFL season saw the Tennessee Titans dance on the Baltimore Ravens’ midfield logo. Ravens head coach John Harbaugh got in a shouting match against the Titans’ players and coaches regarding the situation. However, in the playoffs, the Ravens finished the game by stomping on the Titans’ logo after a Marcus Peters interception sealed the game.

For Ravens’ fans, this is a cause for celebration. The Ravens exorcised their demons, defeating the Titans in a 20-13 contest and putting up missing signs for RB Derrick Henry after he finished with a total of 40 yards on 18 carries.

To celebrate, we’ve created some merch for the moment!

Stomp The Logo

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Remind every single Titans fans that, in the end, it was the Baltimore Ravens with the last dance. It was these Baltimore Ravens who overcame a double-digit deficit, took the lead and never let up. And in the end, they were the ones to

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