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NFL Week 1 National TV Maps: Will the Ravens game be on your TV on Sunday?

Sporadic casting for the Ravens vs. Browns Week 1 matchup

With the release of’s Week 1 broadcasting map, it feels just a bit more real that football will be here by weeks’ end.

Things of note:

Of the CBS Early games, I expected more emphasis be placed on the Ravens. While they being casted across a large audience on the East, they still pale in comparison with the Patriots and Dolphins matchup. With no Brady and a rebuilding Dolphins squad, you’d think they wouldn’t be the focal point.

Also, while the Las Vegas Raiders need exposure and are attempting to expand their fanbase, an away game against the completely rebuilding Panthers somehow catches more than half of the west coast.

Overall, I don’t think it’s bias to say the Ravens and Browns game should cover more of this map. The two squads are expected to be among the best in the NFL. They have good storylines and contain some of the biggest names in the league.

CBS Early

Fox Early