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New Vegas prop bet believes Ravens are incapable of a 10-point comeback in 2020

The narrative has reached Vegas

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The criticism of Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens has reached Las Vegas; Can the team overcome a 10-point deficit?

On Wednesday, released a slew of prop bets ranging from Kansas City going undefeated to which New York team will get a win first. They also included the recent narrative criticizing the Ravens.

“Will the Baltimore Ravens trail by 10 points or more this regular season and come back and win?
Yes -200 (1/2)
No +150 (3/2)
Note: The largest deficit Lamar Jackson has overcome with the Ravens is 8 points. They are also 0-9 when trailing at halftime with Jackson at the helm.”

This is a bit deceiving, seeing as Lamar Jackson has only lost a grand total of six games with the conclusion of Monday night. So the “at the helm” comment isn’t truthful with him being a part of losses in which he rode backseat to former Ravens QB Joe Flacco.

The odds are not in favor of the Ravens accomplishing this task. At face value, this is a disrespectful kick with the team down but consider this. Which of these teams are they likely to fall behind by 10 points this season?

Of these remaining teams, only the Steelers, Patriots and Cowboys can be considered significant threats to score, with the Browns as a dark-horse possibility. Outside of those, the Ravens are likely not dropping below a one-score deficit and therefore, not a possibility in the prop bet.

The Ravens aren’t necessarily built for the comeback. I’d argue they’re more than capable of it , so long as they cease the mentality of becoming a pass-heavy offense and leave the run game behind.