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NFL Week 2 National TV Maps: Will the Ravens game be on your TV on Sunday?

The mid-game will land across less than half of the United States on Sunday

The Week 2 broadcast maps have been released and it’s time to find out whether or not you’ll be able to simply change the channel after the early games to find your beloved Baltimore Ravens.

First, though, the early games.

CBS Early

Nearly all of Maryland and the majority of America will be tuned into the Broncos vs. Steelers matchup on CBS. I suppose it’s a decent way to continue scouting the opponent.

After that match ends, we have the CBS late broadcast.

CBS Late

Unfortunately, the Ravens draw a game at the same time as the biggest team in America plays. Alongside that, the Chiefs are playing the Chargers, who are still attempting to gain a fanbase and spreading that across the country is important. It helps that this is also an AFC West matchup, whereas the Ravens are an AFC North team facing off against an AFC South opponent.

Still, I’m surprised there isn’t more traction elsewhere. Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson are two of the most exciting quarterbacks in the NFL and I figured them combined could pull more locations over Patrick Mahomes and Tyrod Taylor.

FOX Single