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Ravens to open season with no fans at M&T Bank Stadium

A fan-less M&T Bank Stadium to begin the season

Across U.S., Stadiums, Landmarks Illuminated In Blue To Honor Essential Workers Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

2020 has objectively been a terrible year, a reality that continued Monday for Ravens fans as the team officially announced that no fans will be in attendance for home games through at least “the initial part of the season:”

This news isn’t particularly shocking and the move is probably the responsible one to make as of right now, but it doesn’t make the scenario sting any less. M&T is well known as being one of the better stadiums among NFL venues, and consistently sports a pretty rocking house of enthusiastic supporters.

Starting with the announcement that only 14,000 fans would be allowed (a figure that was then whittled down to 7,500), the idea of that actually happening came more and more into question as we approached the season opener. Now with that a few weeks away, we have our answer that this in fact won’t be a case.

While it’s disappointing, it’s probably the correct decision to make on the part of Baltimore’s decision makers. More info on attendance is surely to come out in the next few months, but for now we know that The Bank will be empty for the start of the Fall season.