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Roundtable: Lamar Jackson single season stat totals according to Vegas oddsmakers

Does Baltimore Beatdown concur with the oddsmakers?

Baltimore Ravens Training Camp Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Caesars Sportsbook doesn’t seem to believe in Lamar Jackson, seeing as they’re projecting him to post numbers below his 2019 season. We here at Baltimore Beatdown have decided to discuss the over/under lines and give our predictions and analysis on where Vegas has the reigning MVP.

Lamar Jackson season total rushing yards 2020: Over/Under 935.5 yards

The Ravens’ franchise quarterback essentially missed 1.4 games last season due to being being pulled game after game due to blowing out the opponent. He also did not play in their Week 17 matchup, meaning he missed 2.4 games in 2019. That means even after essentially missing 2.4 games, Jackson set the NFL record for the single season rushing yards by a quarterback, with 1,206 yards. How is this line not higher? Yes, the Ravens don’t plan on him running as much but I don’t expect him to drop 270 rushing yards in Year 3. If the games are closer and he isn’t pulled, he’ll be a necessary weapon to move the ball. He’s not just one of the best weapons on the Ravens roster, he’s one of the best ball-carriers in the NFL. I strongly doubt the Ravens would refuse to utilize him if they need to.

Kyle P. Barber

It is close, but I will take the over. Lamar Jackson rushed for 1,206 yards in 15 games last season. Although I expect the Ravens to throw the football more in 2020, they will undoubtedly remain a run-first offense, and Jackson should continue to lead the charge. He may not top 1,200 yards again, but 935.5 feels achievable. — Jakob Ashlin

Jackson will have over 935.5 rushing yards as he once again passes the 1,000-yard mark on the ground. Although opposing defenses will be trying to stop Jackson’s rushing more than ever this season, I predict that he will break off more big runs while cutting down on the number of rushing attempts. — Dustin Cox

Lamar Jackson will have fewer than 935.5 rushing yards. I believe the Ravens will rely on the running backs to generate the majority of rushing yards throughout the season. The addition of J.K. Dobbins as well as commitment to use all four running backs on the depth chart emphasizes how the offense will use the ground game to wear defenses out. Jackson will have his moments in the open field, but it won’t be as often as last year. — Adrian Charchalis

I would take the over on Jackson’s rushing yards. He has been a consistent runner so far in his career, and he shows no sign of slowing down. The way the Ravens play the game on the offensive side of the ball there is little doubt for me that he will exceed this number. Defenses will be trying harder to stop him, but Harbaugh is a great coach who will be able to adapt to new defensive schemes and put Lamar in a position to win. — Peter Daubert

Lamar Jackson season total passing yards 2020: Over/Under 3499.5 yards

It appears the oddsmakers believe Jackson will sit in the pocket and air it out in 2020. Last season, Jackson threw for 3,127 yards, meaning they expect him to increase his passing yardage a bit. It makes sense when relaying back to the missed games of 2019. If he doesn’t miss around 2.4 games of time, his total is likely right around the 3,499 yard mark. If Marquise Brown takes the leap in his sophomore season, we can surely expect this to be closer. Maybe I’m a bit of an optimist but I’ve never doubted Jackson’s ability and I’m not about to start. I’m going with the over. — Kyle P. Barber

If Jackson plays all 16 games, he will have more than 3,499.5 passing yards. He had 3,127 passing yards last season, and if his average of 208.5 passing yards per game continued into a 16th game, he would have had approximately 3,335 yards for the season. The wide receiver group will be stronger this season due to the development of Marquise Brown and Miles Boykin and the additions of Devin Duvernay and James Proche. A 165-yard improvement is likely. — Jakob Ashlin

Jackson will also have over 3,499.5 passing yards. I predict closer to 3,700 yards through the air for the reigning MVP in 2020. With two new rookie WRs and a hopeful leap from both Marquise “Hollywood” Brown and Miles Boykin in Year 2, Jackson will have better targets this year and thus a more productive passing attack. — Dustin Cox

Lamar Jackson will have more than 3499.5 passing yards. Further development in his deep passing abilities as well as the a healthy Marquise Brown will allow for more chunk yardage to be gained. I believe this QB-Receiver duo will be electric this season with Brown being a 1,000 yard receiver. — Adrian Charchalis

I would take the under on the passing yards, 3499.5 doesn’t seem like a lot, but Lamar needs to be able to win football games with his legs, and has long as he can do that there will be little need for him to throw for a ton of yards. I think the Ravens will stay consistent in their run focused offense, leaving little room for him to reach this mark. — Peter Daubert

Lamar Jackson season total passing+rushing touchdowns 2020: Over/Under 33.5

How on Earth are they projecting Jackson’s 2020 season to collapse this far down? He threw for 36 touchdowns last year. He added another seven rushing touchdowns. He produced 43 touchdowns. Do they really expect him to score 10 fewer combined touchdowns than 2019? Unless the Ravens offense takes a significant step back or a combination of Mark Ingram II, J.K. Dobbins, Gus Edwards and Justice Hill vulture all of the touchdowns, he’s eclipsing the 33.5 TD mark. Over. — Kyle P. Barber

Jackson will definitely score more than 33 total touchdowns. Jackson had 36 passing touchdowns and 7 rushing touchdowns last season, and he will now have more weapons at his disposable. A 10-touchdown decline is highly unlikely. — Jakob Ashlin

I believe that Jackson will have over 33.5 touchdowns. Jackson’s touchdown passes will decrease most likely, but I predict a higher total of rushing touchdowns in 2020. — Dustin Cox

Jackson will have over 33.5 touchdowns. I believe there will be further emphasis on Jackson throwing the ball. With many receiving weapons at his disposal, he will be able to push the ball downfield to players with a nose for the end zone. He will have fewer rushing touchdowns than last year but will excel as a passer. — Adrian Charchalis

33.5 rushing + passing touchdowns is a joke. I’m laughing. This is my laughing face. Not only will he easily pass this mark, I personally predict he will pass it by Week 11. Lamar is the focal point of the entire offense. He can create space with his legs and has reliable short throw accuracy, he is unstoppable in the red zone. — Peter Daubert