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Sam Monson predicts Ravens to win Super Bowl

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Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

Sam Monson of PFF recently released his predictions for the 2020 NFL season. Monson’s predictions included division winners, wild card teams, number one seeds for each conference, which team lands the top pick in the draft, league MVP, Rookie of the Year, rushing champ, sack leader, Comeback Player of the Year, and last but not least, the Super Bowl champs.

Monson predicts that the Ravens will be the ones hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season.

“2020 will right the wrong of 2019 from Baltimore’s point of view in a similar way to the Chiefs having their redemption this past season when it looked like Mahomes was going to take them all the way in 2018. If the league hasn’t figured out how to stop Lamar Jackson — and he may be such a singular force that there is no magic blueprint to be discovered — it’s hard to see how anybody will contain this team without the benefit of some lucky breaks again and burying them in a significant deficit in the playoffs to change the game flow.”

Similar to Baltimore in 2019, Kansas City seemed destined for the Super Bowl in 2018 with the league MVP at quarterback. Again, like the Ravens, the Chiefs lost in the playoffs, albeit in the AFC Championship with a penalty by defensive end Dee Ford costing them the game against the Patriots. Kansas City would come back and win the Super Bowl the following year, however, with a worse regular-season record and with QB Patrick Mahomes missing time with a knee injury during the year.

Winning the Super Bowl would more than make up for an expected regression in the regular season for Baltimore.