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Podcast: Mahomes Signs, Attendance announcements

NFL: JAN 11 AFC Divisional Playoff - Titans at Ravens Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

What’s up guys? It’s another thirsty Thursday on the Baltimore Beatdown Podcast, that’s what. Spencer is busy getting drunk down in Ocean City, so in his place, Ravens Flock Talk’s own Walt Hansbrough (@WalkLikeWalt) joins Jake to talk some NFL and ravens news, and open the mailbag for the week of July 9th. To start things off, the boys discuss the biggest news in NFL circles right now, and that is Patrick Mahomes mega-contract extension with the Kansas City Chiefs. After that, they discuss the Ravens announcement regarding closing off their home games to only allow for a maximum attendance of 14,000 fans, and what that’s going to mean for the team in 2020. To cap things off, the guys turn to the mailbag which includes many great questions this week, such as projections for Hollywood Brown and Mark Andrews, how the attendance announcement affects home field advantage, potential breakout players at linebacker, and much, much more. Thanks for listening, and stay safe out there! Follow the show on social: Twitter: @PodcastBeatdown, @Jakelouque, @ravens4dummies IG: @baltimore_beatdown Facebook: Baltimore Beatdown - For Baltimore Ravens Fans Also check us out on YouTube for full video episodes of this podcast!