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Ravens OL D.J. Fluker a victim of domestic violence

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According to police reports, Ravens OL D.J. Fluker says he has been the victim of multiple assaults by his long-term partner Kimberly Davis, whom Fluker has a child with.

On July 13, Davis was arrested following an incident at the couple’s home in Reisterstown, Maryland, after she allegedly punched Fluker in the nose. The responding officer found dried blood coming from Fluker’s nose. Allegedly, Davis poked Fluker in the nose after he told her she was a bad mother. She allegedly told police she didn’t intentionally hit him to cause harm and said her fingernails may have accidentally scratched or cut his nose, causing the bleeding.

According to the July 13 police report, Fluker said this wasn’t the first time she has assaulted him over the course of their relationship.

Charging Document by Austin Denean on Scribd

The police did a follow-up visit two days later, where Fluker informed the police there was another incident on June 29 where he did not file a police report.

Original Video provided to WBFF, courtesy of D.J. Fluker. The video below plays the original content twice on a loop.

Warning: Video contains domestic violence, language, blood

Fluker told officers he had to check with his employer, the Baltimore Ravens, before filing a report. There is a police report Fluker filed for an incident which he suggested occurred on June 29. It is not confirmed if the charges were filed regarding the incident captured on video or a separate incident on the same day.

Charging Document by Austin Denean on Scribd

Ravens Senior Vice President of Communications Chad Steele released a statement from the Ravens regarding the case involving Fluker.

“We have been in regular communication with D.J. regarding this matter and will continue to monitor the situation.”

This is the second incident this offseason where a Ravens player was allegedly the victim of domestic abuse. Earlier this offseason, Earl Thomas III was held at gunpoint by his wife after she caught him cheating.