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Lamar Jackson not in Pro Football Network’s Top 5 players of 2020

Apparently becoming the second-ever unanimously elected League MVP isn’t enough

NFL: AFC Divisional Round-Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

For most NFL player rankings following the 2019 season, most have agreed the best player in the league is Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes II, followed promptly by Ravens QB Lamar Jackson.

Apparently, Pro Football Network didn’t get the memo. Their Top 50-1 players of 2020 released and Jackson wasn’t found at No. 2. He was not found at No. 3, either. In the end, he’s ranked No. 7.

After entering the league with a number of question marks about how his game will translate from college to the NFL, Jackson has taken the league by storm in the last year and a half as the Ravens starting quarterback. While Pro Football Network’s Shane Tyler ranked Jackson eighth in his recent top-25 quarterback rankings, he also stated that “no quarterback graded higher than Jackson in 2019.”

Jackson led the league in touchdown passes and touchdown percentage in 2019, while also ranking in the top 10 in completion percentage, interception percentage, quarterback rate, and adjusted net yards per attempt. According to PFN OSM, Jackson ranked 14th at the position — but that ranking does not take into account the significant portion of value that he brings using his legs as a runner.

They go on to praise Jackson but say he somehow isn’t deserving of a higher ranking. He must first continue to improve, like becoming the second-ever player in NFL history to be unanimously elected League MVP isn’t enough, or shattering numerous NFL records in your second season needs more improvement.

Players ranked above Jackson:

  • 6. Christian McCaffrey
  • 5. Quenton Nelson
  • 4. Stephon Gilmore
  • 3. Russell Wilson
  • 2. Patrick Mahomes II
  • 1. Aaron Donald

If improving is what PFN needs to see Jackson improve, their expectations are sky-high. Jackson broke many franchise and NFL records as he led the Ravens to a 14-2 season. Weird how the narrative has gone from mocking Jackson, saying he’s nothing more than a running back and can’t throw to requiring he improve on a legendary season to be worthy of their Top 5 rankings.