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Podcast: “The Ball is the Team” feat. Coach Anthony Rinaudo

Number Of Football Player Who Died Of Cancer Added To Berks Catholic Football Field

We’re Friday rollin’ here on the podcast, bringing you guys a jam packed episode with a fun and informative interview, and a ton of your listener questions. Starting things off with the questions, this week’s mailbag was a fun one that included plenty of the typical X’s and O’s, some chatter on how the Ravens are going to open their virtual offseason, and much more. After, that, the guys jump into an awesome interview with Boys Latin High School football’s offensive coordinator, Anthony Rinaudo (@CoachRinaudo). Anthony is a bright young mind in the game that the guys welcome on to dish on what it’s like to be involved in football at a few different levels. He’s spent time coaching both high school and college for the better part of the past decade and has a ton of cool perspective and stories to share with you guys on what the journey has been like and where he hopes it takes him. We hope you guys enjoy the interview, and have an awesome weekend!