Here's What's Going On

Below is another message, this time to everyone.

Dear Baltimore Beatdown community,

I know that for five months now, I've been driving you all crazy with my attempts to get to the bottom of whether Tucker was deserving of blame or not in the playoff loss among six other players. This message is to explain why this became such an issue as well as a little bit about myself which will hopefully give you all a better understanding. Justin Tucker is my favorite Raven, not just on the current roster, but in Raven history. He's so incredible, both on and off the field. Therefore, the fact that he, at least, came to play in Jan. unlike most of his teammates was the silver lining to me on an overall disappointing evening. So then to see fans straight up say that every single player was deserving of blame, I couldn't understand why they thought Tucker even deserved blame. Then, the fact that when I attempted to ask several of them why they thought Tucker even deserved blame only to not get a response from them increased the stress hugely. Had these folks responded, it wouldn't of became as big of issue as it did.

I did, at one point, say that I wouldn't discuss this matter anymore. In regards to that, I am trying to move on from this, but it's just hard, and I feel that I made that promise way too prematurely to be honest. It's not only hard because of what I explained above, but also because I'm autistic. Hopefully, you all understand that when somebody is on the autism spectrum, they get stuck on something easily. I can even bet most of you know somebody that's on the autism spectrum, and if you want, you can share with me who it is you know that's on the spectrum.

With that said, thank you Purple Lightning for finally responding to me in regards to the Tucker drama. In addition, Mr. Malor, if you could tell me what part you believed Tucker had in the loss aka why you thought he deserved blame even, and if you Cjackc could also explain why you thought Tucker deserved blame since it seemed like you blamed everyone as well, we will pretty much be good to go with that issue. And to everyone else, given everything I just said, if you could try to either have patience and/or offer helpful suggestions, that would be highly appreciated, and I'm sure we'll get through this eventually.

Thank you very much, and I'm looking forward to next season.



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