A message to my friends in Baltimore

In my 52 years these are the worst times I have seen on a national level, it is getting downright scary just turning on the TV or catching a podcast.

First an impeachment, then a pandemic, now protests mixed with riots. Could easily càuse a person to dread what might be coming at them tomorrow and that is just if you can make it safely through the day.

The impeachment is probably best left alone.

The pandemic has led to more deaths than we hoped for but less than the astronomical numbers of which we were warned. Way too many people lost jobs and are suffering economic hardships. And walking around in a place like a grocery store seemed right out of a horrow movie with many people wearing masks.

The good I saw from so many people being home was watching families spending more time together and getting out and meeting their neighbors, as someone who spent most of their time at home before the pandemic this was a welcome sight. Never seen such goodwill and seemingly happy family units walking by my home. It was a pleasure getting to know them better, from socially safe distance of course.

Another positive I noticed was an added respect for those who stayed working as their jobs were essential such as our grocery store workers, I appreciate them much more now and have told them so. It feels nice to be appreciated for your work especially if it is work most take for granted.

And now we find ourselves going through protests mixed with rioting, perhaps the most frightening of the ailments thrown at us in the first five months of the year.

Can't think of anything positive about this, at least the rioting part. It feels me with feelings of sadness, fear, rage, sympathy...that I don't know how to describe and that is fom the relative safety of my medium-sized Arkansas town. Probably can't imagine how much more intense these emotions are the closer you get to the large cities where most of the action is taking place.

But we are hoping that this the darkness before the dawn. That once, Lord willing, this nightmare ends, that good will come from this and hopefully our nation can somehow turn it around, pull ourselves together instead of push ourselves apart, hug instead of hit. I do believe that is what will happen, and the sooner the better.

I got to know a lot of you guys over a lot of years and we slugged on each other all to often, but after awhile, we became good friends. When I think of Baltimore I think of ya'll and with much fondness.

Hate can't stand against love, it will slink away, at least that is my experience everytime I have remembered to do so in the moment. But even if you can't remember in the moment, if you go back later to the hate and offer it love, watch it melt away before yours eyes.

Imagine the nation we could be if we loved our neighbors as we loved ourselves.

With much love,

steeler fever

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