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Colin Cowherd believes the Ravens can go 16-0 in 2020

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Of all the daytime sports talk show hosts, there may be none more accustomed to controversial statements than Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd.

Fixations on criticism of flashy players such as John Wall, Baker Mayfield, and countless others over the years have both gotten him into hot water, and boosted his ratings, which is the conundrum surrounding the hot take industrial complex in which he and others like Skip Bayless have made a career trading in.

However, it isn’t just beef with the athletes he covers that’s gotten him to the point he’s at. Colin has never been afraid to make a bold statement, and he had a particularly eye popping take on the Ravens and their chances at success on Tuesday’s edition of “The Herd.”

Check it out below:

While he does make some interesting points, especially in regards to Baltimore’s schedule and lack of travel, this does feel like quite the lofty prediction. Undefeated teams (up to this point) have only come around once in a lifetime in the NFL.

You can have the strongest roster, the best coaching, and an easy schedule, and still stumble at least once along the way on what is a grueling march through 19-20 games on the way to a championship.

It is especially wild hearing this about a team that is used to being seen as the underdog. A year ago at this time, plenty of people were making snide comments about how this same team’s quarterback was incapable of throwing a football ... man, how quickly things change.