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EA Sports drops Ravens heavy “Madden ‘21” trailer and cover

The cover is here!

NFL: Super Bowl LIV-NFL Honors Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Football fans, whether gamers or not, are pretty much universally aware of the only current NFL simulation franchise on the market right now. That would be EA Sports’ Madden, a yearly staple that gives us a new look at the NFL in video game form with updated rosters and (sometimes) new features.

While some of the game’s more dedicated audience has become critical of EA for not fleshing the game out more in certain areas, there are equally as many (if not more) who will buy the new version each and every year with little or no qualms about that. This could be for the game’s well supported “ultimate team” mode, because they just enjoy casually hopping on and getting a few games in with their buddies, or any number of other reasons.

Whatever the case may be, EA makes boatloads of money off of this game every single August and beyond, so any significant changes to it that haven’t already happened probably aren’t worth waiting on at this point. Regardless of your opinion on that though, this year’s release may at least carry some sentimental value for Ravens fans.

As we’ve known for a few months now, Baltimore’s MVP quarterback Lamar Jackson is set to grace the cover, making him the first Raven to do so since Ray Lewis back in 2005. While we don’t have the cover quite yet... early trailer for the game has dropped, and it features it’s cover boy (and his team) fairly heavily.

Check it out:

After they watch, the cynical fans will certainly be out in droves to point out that there doesn’t appear to be many marked changes to the gameplay or the engine (guilty). If you’re a Ravens fan though, there’s at least a bit of a point of pride that your team has such a marketable and fun team that the trailer provides a ton of representation of, which hasn’t nearly been the case for the last decade plus prior to the drafting of Jackson (also guilty).

Whatever the case may be with the final state of the game, if you’re a fan of Baltimore, you’ve at least got something to look forward to. And if you’re one of those fans that the lack of improvements doesn’t really bother? More power to you - this new installment in the franchise hopefully won’t be any worse off than the last.

The cover has also been released for Madden ‘21!