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Robert Griffin III is content as Lamar Jackson’s backup for now; hopes to one day start again

Will the once electrifying QB get another shot?

Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

QB Robert Griffin III has made it abundantly clear that he wants to one day start again for a team in the NFL. Griffin has spent the last two seasons as a backup for the Baltimore Ravens, but he was once the talk of the NFL.

Griffin was drafted by the Washington Redskins with the second pick in the 2012 NFL Draft after winning the Heisman trophy with the Baylor Bears in 2011. Griffin quickly turned heads at the next level, winning NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. Sadly, Griffin’s first year has been the pinnacle of his career up to this point. Griffin has since dealt with myriad injuries, including a torn ACL, LCL, and meniscus, as well as a dislocated ankle, concussion, and shoulder fracture.

After being released by the Redskins, and following a short stint with the Cleveland Browns, Griffin took a year away from football before coming back to sign with the Ravens in 2018. After initially signing a one-year deal with Baltimore, Griffin signed a two-year extension following the 2018 season to remain as the backup to QB Lamar Jackson.

Griffin’s value as a mentor to the young Jackson has been stated over and over again, as the two share similar playing styles with their running ability. Griffin recently said on The Matt Mosley Show on 1660 ESPN that he could see himself remaining Jackson’s backup for the “foreseeable future.”

Griffin also mentioned that he wants to one day be a starter again, saying “I want to be a starter again. I’m 30 years old, and quarterbacks are playing into their 40s now. There’s a lot of time left to still go achieve all the dreams and goals I set for myself.”

Griffin started in one game for the Ravens in 2019 when Jackson was inactive for the final game of the season. Against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 17, Griffin completed 11 of 21 pass attempts for 96 yards and an interception. Despite this, Baltimore won 28-10 and finished the season 14-2 as the top seed in the AFC.

His road to starting again in the NFL has been a long one, and with the recent abundance of QB talent entering the NFL in the past few years, there’s no reason to believe the journey will become any easier for the once electrifying dual threat.

Hopefully Griffin is able to land another shot one day though, for no one has worked harder to earn a chance.