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Ravens LT Ronnie Stanley posts fewest allowed pressures since Hall of Famer Jon Ogden in 2006

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Buffalo Bills v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Larry French/Getty Images

Often overlooked players and units in football revolve around special teams, mostly. When kick coverage is solid or above average, we forget about it. When the punts and the punt protection is adept, there’s no issue. The issue arises only when a kick is blocked or the returns are crossing the 40-yard line on a consistent basis. Another overlooked position when things are going great is also the offensive line.

It’s easy to notice when things are bad. Andrew Luck, one of the best modern-day quarterbacks no longer plays in the NFL due to getting lit up game-after-game. We’re now watching Deshaun Watson sprint for his life for the same reasons. Somehow, Russell Wilson has done so for eight years.

I say all of this because Ronnie Stanley, the Baltimore Ravens left tackle, played an impeccable 2019 season and posted the best season since Ravnes Hall of Fame left tackle Jonathan Ogden in 2006.

When this was posted, many devalued this by pointing toward the Ravens overwhelming rushing totals compared to passing but to act as if allowing only six pressures in 440 passing snaps in bewildering. On 440 plays, Lamar Jackson dropped back to pass and Stanley’s job was to keep him from hitting the dirt. Stanley kept pressure off Jackson 436 times. That averages out to only one pressure every 73 snaps.

The discussions are brewing as to whether the Ravens should pay the mega-deal Stanley is capable of commanding. This isn’t an article tipping to either scale, only to show how dominant the first-round selection has developed into what you hope for: a franchise left tackle.