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Jay Glazer has the audacity to call Taysom Hill a “bigger Lamar Jackson”

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Show us how you got from point A to point B, Glazer

NFL: DEC 08 49ers at Saints Photo by Stephen Lew/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

“I think Sean [Payton] was always hoping to unleash [Taysom Hill] on the league without anyone seeing him before but now we’ve seen it with Lamar Jackson,” Glazer said. “He’s a bigger Lamar Jackson. No, it’s not a smokescreen. He likes him that much, he’ll be the guy.”

This was Jay Glazer’s response to a fan question of, “Hi Jay. If and when Drew Brees retires, this year or the next, is Taysom Hill a future starter, or is that just a smokescreen?”

By all accounts, great question Jim J. Not creating hyperbole or overstepping. It’s a reasonable question. You know what is not reasonable? Glazer’s response, comparing the third-string quarterback (or, honestly, whatever Hill’s position is?) of the New Orleans Saints who was not starting after Brees suffered an injury sidelining him for six games in 2019 and opting instead to play Teddy Bridgewater.

If what Glazer is spewing is true, he is inferring the brilliant football mind that is Sean Payton is intentionally and purposely keeping Hill, a “bigger Lamar Jackson,” off the field. He’s actively choosing to not play his quarterback who is, allegedly, capable of airing out 3,000 yards and tossing 36 touchdown passes. He’s willingly restraining a player capable of breaking the NFL record for most rushing yards by a quarterback in a single-season. A player who is better than Jackson, who earned five AFC Offensive Player of the Week awards in 2019 and became the second player in NFL history to be unanimously voted as the League MVP.

Career Comparison

QB Cmp/Att Cmp% Yards Passing TD INT Rush Yards Rush TD
QB Cmp/Att Cmp% Yards Passing TD INT Rush Yards Rush TD
Lamar Jackson 364/571 63.7 4328 42 9 323 1901 12
Taysom Hill 6/13 46.2 119 0 1 64 352 3

This is by far the most preposterous takes of recent memory and just looking over this comparison makes you ponder how one could compare Hill as a “bigger Lamar Jackson.”