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Hollywood Brown is more than ready to become a star wide receiver

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Hollywood is ready to shine

NFL: New York Jets at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

By all accounts, Marquise Brown’s rookie season was one of the best in Ravens’ rookie wide receiver history. He totaled 46 receptions for 584 yards and caught seven touchdowns. A reminder for everybody, he did so with screws in his foot and never quite 100-percent.

Now, with a full offseason and the metal removed from his appendage, signs all point toward the sophomore lighting up the league. Especially when he’s posting workout videos where he catches a football he sends through the jugs machine from a dead stop.

That wasn’t the only jugs catch he delivered to himself, either, as he also hauled in this one-handed snag with his helmet on.

While those may be the most recent videos, they’re not the only ones. His social media has been littered with clips of workouts, from body-weight training to perfecting his routes and catching passes from QB Lamar Jackson beside his cousin, Antonio Brown. Hell, he also posted a full-fledged video on his YouTube channel showing some of his offseason workouts.

As if that’s not enough,’s writer Garrett Downing recently interviewed Hollywood on Instagram Live and the clip he posted is a must-watch.

No doubt about it, Hollywood will shine in 2020. He’s healthy, adding weight and I’m certain neither his speed nor agility will be impacted by the extra muscle. If anything, he’ll be faster and more agile in year two due to not playing with screws in his foot.