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FanPulse: Fans assess AFC North draft classes

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A’s through F’s for each team

NFL Draft Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

With Major League Baseball unable to get started, all of the attention has been on America’s new favorite pastime: the NFL Draft. This event first began in 1936 at a Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia. There was little fanfare. University of Chicago halfback, Jay Berwanger, was selected first overall. The league didn’t have much of a base at that time and Berwanger chose to never play a down in the NFL.

Times have changed significantly. This year’s first overall pick, QB Joe Burrow, will play for division rival Cincinnati Bengals and the NFL Draft itself is one of the premiere sporting events of the year. Fan investment is at an all-time high and now SB Nation followers can share their evaluations of how their team’s front office performed.

Logistically, SB Nation polled readers who signed up for FanPulse. They asked Baltimore Ravens fans (and fans of all 32 teams) to grade their favorite teams’ draft.

Here are the results from fans of the Baltimore Ravens, as well as results from fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals, and Cleveland Browns.

Clearly, Ravens fans are excited about the additions. They may have responded differently had these polls only been conducted for rounds one and two. However, through seven rounds, the front office did well to balance meeting needs with taking the best player available.

Here’s how divisional foes fared based on results from their fans:

Cleveland Browns

Pittsburgh Steelers

Cincinnati Bengals

Post draft grades from experts or fans carry no actual weight but they are part of the evaluation process. That said, per Eric DeCosta, the best evaluation of a team’s draft is to add up the wins and losses the next year. We’ll be keeping track of them in the coming months.