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Dolphins CB Byron Jones offers rookies advice prior to the NFL Draft

Be smart with your money

Dallas Cowboys v Miami Dolphins

The pay-scale for the first round of the NFL Draft is quite the payday. According to spotrac, the first overall pick in 2020 is slated to earn $37.1 million with $24.6 million in a signing bonus. When the Ravens pick at No. 28, their selection will make $12.4 million with $6.6 million in a signing bonus. Obviously, this is life-changing money and it’s easy to burn through that kind of cash without realizing it, so CB Byron Jones recently tweeted some advice for the young pro’s prior to being drafted.

Just like the first time you saw your paycheck and saw taxes ruin your $8.00 an hour pay, the same goes here but on the million-dollar scale. Far too often we’ve heard or read stories about players losing millions because they didn’t receive proper advice or guidance and their money gets torched by family, friends or shady investors. Hopefully, we won’t be reading about these stories in five or so years about the incoming class.