Looking back on a decade of Ravens’ drafts

I recently posted this over in Hogs Haven and I thought it might be of interest to you guys.

I thought it could be productive to look elsewhere for an example of successful team building and draft strategy. Fortunately, we have one of the best of them just up Route 95, in Charm City: The Baltimore Ravens.

Perhaps it’s little surprise that the Ravens have been managed so well, and have been so successful over the past 20 years. After all, their long time GM, Ozzie Newsome cut his front office teeth working under Bill Belichick with the Browns in the early 1990s, before shifting to the Ravens as they came east to Baltimore.

But Newsome deserves a ton of credit in his own right. Once out from under Belichick’s tutelage, he grew into one of the best GMs in the game. After Newsome’s retirement in 2018, the reigns were handed over to long time assistant GM, Eric DeCosta, so there has been a continuity of GM operations in Baltimore all the way back to their transplantation from Cleveland (and even before).

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