Mock Draft Monday

I went with a six round mock with no trades, and wanted to see what I could come up with that would push the ravens to the next level.

In going through, I was working under a few speculations in free agency:

1. Judon gets the tagged and a deal worked out

2. Yanda comes back for one more year.

3. We release TJ, and Jimmy, and re-sign Carr.

4. Ravens break the bank a bit and go after Cory Littleton (3 years - 11.5M/year).

Without further ado, here we go:

Round 1 (28): K'lavon Chaisson, Edge

Honestly did not expect him to fall here, but its still not unbelievable. This guy has it all, and I think Wink will have a field day. First and foremost, you can expect him to hold the edge, but he will also give you a relentless motor. If needed, he has the IQ and athleticism to cover TEs. While there were some notable names on the board, I think this one was a no brainer, and Judon finally gets a running mate. Great pick for the Raven's first LSU pick.

Round 2 (60): Tee Higgins, WR

I know some may say that this is a stretch, but I truly think Tee with take a pretty big drop in the draft following his combine performance (guys like Denzel Mims and DPJ really skyrocketed their stock). He doesn't have elite speed, but this man has hands and physicality. He will likely need to add more polish to his route, but I have no doubt he will develop into an amazing asset. I think pairing him with Hollywood (slot), Miles (outside) would be a scary sight and one I would welcome.

Round 3 (92): Davon Hamilton, IDL

Didn't reference it up top, but I'm fairly certain the Ravens are going to let Pierce walk; he's a space eater but some team is going to overpay him and the Biscotti will be completely fine with that. Hamilton really is just a victim due to him not having a bunch of starts prior to his senior year. Nonetheless, this guy is massive, and suprisingly nimble. Given our track record of developing interior DL, and Wink's scheme, with some coaching on pass rush I think he will would be a wrecking ball.

Round 4 (119): Akeem Davis-Gaither, LB

This is probably one of my favorite prospects in this draft. He's a bit undersized, but he has speed, awareness, a motor, and can be counted on to make a play. He has the ability to cover, and I can see him filling a role similar to Levine in Dime packages as well. I think pairing him with Littleton gives us great sideline to sideline speed, sure tackling, and flexibility to get creative. Maybe not an instant starter, but I certainly think he makes a strong push to do so.

Round 5 (124): Chase Claypool, WR

I highly doubt the board will fall this way, but he was available and I jumped at him. Physical, fast, strong blocker, and great catch radius. I think given his size (6'4, 230), and potential trading of Hayden, he could potentially slide line up as a TE. Nonetheless, I think Seth, Jaleel, Snead won't be with the organization for long and I think this pick can compensate for that. Overall, I felt good about this double dip at receiver and would cause matchup nightmares.

Round 5 (152): Nick Coe, Edge/DL

This one was honestly just a toss up. I didn't see a lot of value at IOL, or any need to pickup a running back. Nonetheless, I think here Wink gets another gadget to play with--similar to McPhee he can line up on and off ball. At 6'5 297, he has a lot of power and the ability to set the edge. He's going to need some work in terms of his pass rush tool bag and how to get the most value out of his frame and length. Either way, investing a bit of time to develop him could pay huge dividends and could be a massive steal if he can put it all together.

That's all. Let me know your thoughts.

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