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Lamar Jackson jerseys are back in stock and on sale!

After the League MVP’s jerseys sold out, the Jackson jerseys are back

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After Lamar Jackson dominated the 2019 NFL season and wrapped it up with the Most Valuable Player award, his jerseys became hard to find online. But thanks to Fanatics, they’re both back in stock and on sale now! Most are now $25 off, which means you can sit at your house with the rest of the country in your Lamar Jackson apparel.

It’s a great time to land an NFL quality jersey at a discounted price, seeing as they’re usually $100 a jersey and due to the nature of this global situation, you can find them 25-percent off the usual price.

The sale lasts through Thursday, March 26, so the earlier you can purchase the restocked League MVP’s jersey, the better. I don’t expect his jersey to be on sale much in the future due to his overwhelming success as a franchise quarterback, so I doubt we’ll see this price-tag on his NFL apparel again.