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Ravens trade DE Chris Wormley to. . . the Steelers?

An AFC North trade

NFL: Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

As the Ravens continue to restructure their defense, they find themselves at a trading post with the Pittsburgh Steelers, according to multiple NFL reports.

Not minutes later following the initial report, the deal is being finalized according to’s Tom Pelissero.

Though the trade partner is what makes this a strange deal, the trade itself isn’t a bad one. The Ravens have another fifth-round selection and they added two stalwart defensive lineman in the past couple days. If they don’t feel Wormley is up to snuff, the best thing for them is to find a place for him elsewhere, free up nearly $2 million in cap space and give the other players more room to work with.

With Calais Campbell, Michael Brockers, Jihad Ward and Justin Ellis all signed/traded for/re-signed over the past week, it’s clear the coaching staff and management know who they want manning the trenches in 2020.