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Commemorate Marshal Yanda’s legacy with our new Gold Jacket Guard T-shirt!

A t-shirt to commemorate Baltimore’s greatest guard

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While most NFL-related gear represent the ball-carriers and skill position players, Baltimore Beatdown and Breaking T want to commemorate the legacy of Marshal Yanda with their newest t-shirt, Gold Jacket Guard.

Get your Gold Jacket Guard T-shirt right here!

Gold Jacket Guard T-shirt for $28

The 13-year playing career of Yanda may be over but many of his teammates have already stated he’s worthy of a joining the most prolific group in Pro Football; he’s worthy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

“I’d like to congratulate Marshal on an outstanding 13-year career. The toughness, work ethic and attention to detail I saw in him as a rookie were traits that helped define his career. His progression from being a leader on the line, to a leader on the offense, to THE leader of the team was a joy to watch. Hopefully, in another five years, he will have an opportunity to join Ray [Lewis], Ed [Reed] and me with a gold jacket and bust in Canton.” — Hall of Famer and Former Ravens OT Jonathan Ogden

“Marshal is a first-ballot Hall of Famer, and that may be just a small part of his football legacy.” — Ravens Kicker Justin Tucker