Mock Draft Monday!!

SO I was playing around on the mock draft machine and came up with this one.

I am so sorry Lamar!!

  • 28.

    Baltimore Ravens

    Grant Delpit

    S, LSU
  • 60.

    Baltimore Ravens

    Kenneth Murray

    LB, Oklahoma
  • 92.

    Baltimore Ravens

    Khalid Kareem

    EDGE, Notre Dame
  • 119.

    Baltimore Ravens

    Quartney Davis

    WR, Texas A&M
  • 124.

    Baltimore Ravens

    Marlon Davidson

    EDGE, Auburn
  • 152.

    Baltimore Ravens

    Chase Claypool

    WR, Notre Dame

There was a lot of value to be had before I could reasonably get to WR. I added some WR help but not much so the Ravens might have to dip their toe into the FA WR group according to this :D

Here's a link to the draft so you can see how everyone went WR crazy.

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