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Podcast: Jonas Shaffer + Combine Talk

The boys are back after a very eventful week and have a ton of news to catch up on, and a very fun interview for you all as well.

As far as news goes, the NFL CBA talks are heating up down in Indianapolis, a Ravens coordinator got a healthy contract extension (and some coaching positions were shaken up), and a certain third year tight end is potentially on the trading block. Following all of that, the guys have the honor of welcoming on a friend of the show, the Baltimore Sun’s Jonas Shaffer (@jonas_shaffer) (37:10) who was in Indy this week to cover the combine. His lengthy chat with Jake dives deep into what it’s like to cover the event as a reporter, his favorite press conferences he got to attend, some memorable encounters with prospects, and much, much more.

We hope you enjoy, and see you all again next week!

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